Breeders of Potty Trained Puppies

If you’re looking for potty trained puppies you’ve come to the right place!  At Awesome Paws of Missouri we believe that a breeder should do everything in their power to help their owners.  That is why we put the extra work into our beautiful puppies to get their potty training off to a great start and offer potty trained puppies for sale regularly throughout the year. 

Presently we have beautiful Blue Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale from our home in MO.

Successfully Potty Trained Puppies Starts with the Breeder

Did you know that what the breeder does  ….or doesn’t do when puppies are small can make or break their success with potty training for the rest of their lives?

Why?  Because puppies have an inbuilt instinct to toilet outside their den from the age of about 3 weeks.  It makes sense that their mom wouldn’t want her babies soiling their bed.  And around this time they no longer need her to help them toilet and she stops cleaning it up.

How Breeders Help Potty Train Puppies

A breeder who provides a distinct toilet area for puppies from around this time is working with their natural instinct.  In the way she positions the toilet area and in the substrates she uses, such a breeder gradually teaches the puppies to use it exclusively.  By the time such potty trained puppies are about 6 weeks old they are using the potty area all the time, with no more accidents.

Puppies that are not started by the breeder in the way, on the other hand, have this natural instinct suppressed because there is no clear place for them to potty.  Such puppies are a lot harder for new owners to potty train successfully.

What a Breeder Potty Trained Puppy Means for You

Puppies do not gain full control of their toileting until they are around 6 months old.  Also, though our puppies know to use the potty area here, they won’t know where to potty or how to get there when they first go to your home as it is a strange environment to them.  So don’t expect miracles.  However, because they have their potty training started, puppies from Awesome Paws of Missouri are a lot easier to potty train by their new owners.  We will also guide you on how to continue what we have started with your new fur kid.

Breeder potty trained puppies are definitely learn to toilet where you want them to a lot easier 😊

Kojak #6-3 weeks.JPG