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If you're looking for an intelligent, fun and lifeline companion....you've come to the right place!

Some awesome qualities about Standard Poodles are:

  • They DON'T shed!

  • Super smart so that makes them easy to train

  • Very clean...they don't have that "dog" odor some breeds have

  • Family dog-great with children

  • Great as an indoor dog

  • Very loyal

  • Long lifespan 10-15 years

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Why Our Puppies are Special

*Our puppies are personality tested to ensure the perfect fit in your family

*We deliver potty trained puppies, so the transition from our home to yours is less stressful

*Mom & Dad are both DNA
tested and cleared of all genetic issues which means your puppy has a LIFETIME WARRENTY against all serious genetic diseases.

*AKC Registered Litter

*Parents Pedigree provided

*Puppy Contract


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